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Amazing Sequel!

Forsworn - Emily Wibberley

This is a show stopping book.  I loved the sequel even more than the first book which is really rare for me. Clio is almost like a new character.  She has embraced her destiny and willing to try it a new way.  It was a great change of pace.  It was interesting to see the Clio develop but I missed her from the first book.  You do get to see glimpses of the old Clio.  I was pretty much on the fence after the first book whether I was team Derik or Riece.  I have decided I am totally team Riece.  I love how snarky he is with Clio.  He really makes me laugh and I always picture him with a playboy smile. This book flowed so smoothly.  I devoured it so fast.  I am anxiously waiting for the next book.  I am excited.