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Excellent Debut Novel

Sacrificed (The Last Oracle, Book 1) - Emily Wibberley

Holy moly.  I loved this book.  I'm not sure what took me so long to find it. I'm almost at a lost for words. It was amazing.  The writing was flawless.  The characters were so well developed. There was a great romance that was brewing during the whole book and it was well executed.  My favorite character was Clio.  I adored her courage to pave her own path. The title is very fitting for Clio.  She is a strong heroine lead which can easily hold the attention of a reader.  Clio is extremely brave from the first page until the last page. You get to experience the usual teenage angst but with a great twist.  There are a lot of twist and turns and just when you think you have a great handle on things boom a new twist.  I loved this book and devoured it pretty quickly.  I plan on reading the rest of the series.  This is the first book I have read from this author but I plan on reading anything else she writes.